Our Story

We love every minute of our Yoga Journey

My Testimony

Dance was my way of grounding after the loss of my Father and the starting of a new life in America. 

It became my foundation to which I have added onto over the years. Yoga has been my passion that grew out of my dance, a way for me to express myself and releasing my pend up emotions. My mother and dance mentor shared in the joy that I, like her had a passion for the body, mind, spirit connection. Our last shared moments were being content with where we were in that moment, the life of a dancer and a yogi. Being with her for the last years of her life has taught me patience, kindness and unconditional love. Looking into the future, I'd like to continue this tradition of bringing dancers, yoga students, and people of all walks of life to share in the beauty, the art of movement and the ancient yoga philosophy of body, mind and spirit to enhance my life and the lives of others.  

An Idea Is Born

Yoga Miracle

Through Yoga I've been healed from my injury to the spine. So I can traverse terrain and climb cliffs; to be able to sit in the mouth of a cave on the cliffs of Guam (Pictured Right). Yoga has elevated me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Yoga Family